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"An Outward Retreat" -
The Mount Grace Priory Residency


The purpose of the residency is to bring together two artists to work collaboratively on the production of a temporary, site-specific artwork at Mount Grace Priory, a site which is owned by The National Trust and managed by English Heritage. The artwork is being produced over the duration of an exhibition by members of The Art House, and is responding to ideas and issues raised by the exhibition and the unique beauty and resonance of the Mount Grace Priory site and landscape. The residency provides opportunities for the public to engage with the developing artwork, both in real life and via the Internet, and offers new ways of exploring and interpreting themes including access, art, and the nature of this beautiful and historic site. English Heritage is a very enthusiastic and supportive partner in this project.

The residency brings together two artists, one of whom, for reasons of disability, would find it impossible to undertake physical work on the site. The Art House is an organisation built upon core values, including access and inclusivity for all in the visual arts. The residency reflects these values, and offers new and exciting opportunities for both artists to contribute equally to the concept, production and impact of their artwork. It provides a platform for artists to make work exploring new and collaborative ways of working, encompassing mutual support and creative endeavour. The artists' roles are defined as follows.

The role of the onsite artist is:

The role of the offsite artist is:

When applying for the commission, the two selected artists made the following statements:

Rita Sheppard
Ju Gosling (aka ju90)

We hope that you find this residency interesting, and will return to visit us regularly. If you have any questions or points that you would like to make, please let us know and we will aim to reply as soon as possible.

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