The differences stem from the different time frames involved in the production process, as well as the different structures and lengths of work. In journalism, individual writers and articles are subsumed by the needs of the publication; they must meet the aims as well as the style of the publication and the section of that publication which they appear in. Equally, deadlines are short and sacrosanct, and the editor's right to edit is unquestioned. This takes control of the final content away from the writer, who is seldom shown the edited copy before publication, and gives it to the editor. This can be more or less true in book publishing. The content of books which are commissioned, or which form part of a series, is dictated by publishers and editors. However, editors will generally still collaborate with writers and show them the final copy before publication. Books which result from original ideas and proposals, and books which do not form part of a series, are generally edited at a later stage and the author has greater control; deadlines are more flexible.

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