In 1990 disabled students' allowances were substantially increased and in 1993/4, the last year for which figures were available at the time of writing, £6.03 million was spent providing these. In 1996/7 each student entitled to the allowances was able to claim up to £1,245 for expenses incurred as a result of their study requirements and up to £4,975 for non-medical personal support; with a one-off payment for new students of up to £3,745 for equipment.

Educare (Skill, London, March 1994, pp12-15) reproduces the Department for Education's Circular Letter on disabled students' allowances, providing detailed advice on how local education authorities should administer the scheme. In the March 1995 issue, Viv Parker examines how local education authorities are administering the scheme in reality (pp25-30).

In the May 1995 issues of the Skill Newsletter, it was reported that the Department for Education was reviewing the administration of the allowances, but that the review "will not, however, look at additional issues which Skill believes are in need of further examination e.g. that the DSAs are means-tested, are not high enough to pay for the additional needs of a small minority of students (e.g. deaf students) and that they are not available to part-time students".

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