Fashioned for Life

Growing up female
Is quite a hard task
There’s so much to learn
And questions to ask
“Why are my clothes not the same as the boys?
At least I can play with their balls and their toys
But my clothes don’t have pockets
Or if they do
They’re too tiny for anything but a tissue.”

So Daddy steps in long enough to explain
“Women have handbags instead — don’t complain
You’ll have too much to carry to put in your clothes
And bulges detract from the feminine pose
While my pockets are ample for wallet and phone
They couldn’t contain all your make up alone
Plus there’s shopping and kids’ stuff — it’s no use to whine
Your life won’t be carried as lightly as mine
Carrying partners and elders on top
Carrying carrying caring non-stop.”

What makes a woman?
It isn’t her tits
It isn’t her genes
Or even her bits
It’s how much she carries
And how much she cares
The weight of her burdens
The cat calls and stares
It’s the strength of her arms
And the strength of her will
As she carries on carrying on
While men stand there still.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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