For example, the journal Body & Society was launched in March 1995 by Sage Publications in association with the School of Human Studies at the University of Teeside. In the introduction, editors Mike Featherstone and Bryan S. Turner write that:

The development of Disability Studies - for example, the University of Greenwich has a Professor of Disability Studies, Mike Oliver - and the rise of the disability rights movement are of course missing from this list.

Featherstone and Turner go on to state that:

Missing from this list, are, of course the debates arising from Disability Studies and the disability rights movement.

Featherstone and Turner add that:

Disability Studies and the debates arising from the disability rights movement could contribute to the discussion of all of these questions. However, Featherstone and Turner state that:

Disability is only noticeable by its absence. Likewise, in Vol 1, No 2, the opening article by Alan Radley states that:

Unsurprisingly, only one contributor made reference to disability in the journal's first volume. This did not include any reference to Disability Studies or the debates arising from the disability rights movement.

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