Folk in Motion

Wolk and health

Always check with a doctor first if you are concerned that taking part in wolk may be damaging for you. Never dance without first taking part in a warm-up, and remember that smooth pushing and lack of upper body movement are essential to prevent pressure sore damage.

Dancing is good for everyone, and wolk is no exception, including for dancers who need to be pushed. Wolk develops a love of and interest in dance along with improved wheelchair skills. In our experience*, the benefits of participating in regular sessions also include:

Colour photograph of a wolk dancerPhysical health benefits

Improved core strength
Improved seating position
Improved head position
Improved lung capacity
Improved upper body tone
Improved fitness

Neurological benefits

Improved listening skills
Improved ability to distinguish different beats, sounds and notes
Improved muscle memory
Improved long-term memory
Develops new neural pathways

Mental health benefits

Improved self-confidence
Improved social skills
Improved team skills

As a result of these benefits, participating in wolk also opens up other sport, training, educational and employment opportunities. *We welcome researchers who wish to test/prove any of the benefits of wolk.

Arts Council England Lottery Funded; Newham London; efdss english folk dance and song society

Colour photograph of dances huddling round to chat.


Photo: Hugh Hill