Metamorphosis paused

A cocoon is a miraculous creation
Containing everything needed to survive
A grub is reborn in blissful unconsciousness
Emerging with unimagined abilities
Soaring on wings to a richer new life ahead.

Caterpillars do not lose their rights when they enter into their cocoons
Caterpillars do not need to prove larvae status in order to eat
Caterpillars do not have to worry about how to wash their hand splints
Caterpillars do not struggle when they try to make a telephone call
Caterpillars are not abandoned without masks and gloves for their carers.

Cocoons are insulated against dealing with officialdom
Cocoons do not rock with emotion nor shake with fatigue
Cocoons do not crack with every essential delivery
Cocoons do not splinter with every essential visitor
Cocoons promise futures, not lives perhaps permanently on hold.

Cocooned is not waiting anxiously for neighbours to go in so you can clear up after your assistance dog in safety
Cocooned is not being enraged by reckless politicians and the selfishness of people sauntering past your front door
Cocooned is not always missing the people you care about
Cocooned is not being in fear for the lives of those you love
Cocooned is not having rows with the loved ones who are present
Cocooned is not sweating with panic each time the door bell rings
Cocooned is not being breathless with pain as you cope alone
Cocooned is not being ever-watchful for approaching death.

Shrouded round in dread
We are not cocooned
We are suspended.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90lo

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