Moon Song

Women worship the moon
In blood and in pain

Every four weeks
Again and again.

The pull of the tide
Is a force like no other
Pain only surpassed
By becoming a mother.

Our constant companion
The moon is our mate
Ruling our lives
And dictating our fate.

Her power the stronger
Because it is hidden
'Pain mustn't be seen'
Is what all girls are bidden.

'Whatever you do
And whatever you say
Pain mustn't impact
At all on your day.'

When blood is no more
The moon still has her way
Salt water swells forth
With every moon ray.

She may call you to service
However you start
The soul of a woman
Resides in her heart.

Men may walk on her surface
And stare all they like
The moon is a female
Shining with might.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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