QX Magazine: unsung heroes of the gay scene (2015)

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Interview with Rosie Quigley (2016)

Twitter Q&A with Decibels (2016)

BBC Radio London with Nikki Bedi (2015)

PinkSixtyPlus (first broadcast in Canada) (2015)

Radio Farda (in Persian, 2014)

Access Magazine (2012)

Joy 94.9 (Australia, 2010)

YouTube for the Renascence exhibition (Washington DC, 2008)

BBC News My London (2003)

Disability World (2000)

Abnormal exhibition reviews (2012):

Click here to read a review in The Lancet

Click here to read a review on Culture 24

Click here to read a review on Roves and Roams

Click here to read a review in Disability Now

Click here to read a review in Disability Arts Online.

Click here to read a review in the British Medical Journal

Read critiques of my work in:

Surface Tensions: Surgery, Bodily Boundaries, and the Social Self by Lenore Manderson

Bodies We Fail: Productive Embodiments of Imperfection by Jules Sturm

Freak Fucker: Stereotypical Representations of Sexuality in British Disability Art by Ronda Gowland (in Disability Studies Quarterly)

Cyborgism: Cyborgs, Performance and Society by David Kreps

Bodies in Commotion: Disability and Performance by Carrie Sandahl, Philip Auslander

Disability in Science Fiction: Representations of Technology as Cure edited by Kathryn Allan

Disability, Public Space Performance and Spectatorship: Unconscious Performers by Bree Hadley

Disability and Contemporary Performance: Bodies on the Edge by Petra Kuppers

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