I. Primary Texts

I should have liked to include texts by other than the five major authors here, but owing to the inaccessibility of the British Library to disabled researchers, and the fact that its catalogue went online only after I completed the research, I was unable to do so.

Enid Blyton

Naughtiest Girl series
(published by George Newnes, London)

The Naughtiest Girl in the School, 1940.
The Naughtiest Girl Again, 1942.
The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor, 1945.

St Clare's series
(published by Methuen, London)

The Twins at St Clare's, 1941.
The O'Sullivan Twins, 1942.
Summer Term at St Clare's, 1943.
The Second Form at St Clare's, 1944.
Claudine at St Clare's, 1944.
Fifth Formers of St Clare's, 1945.

Malory Towers series
(published by Methuen, London)

First Term at Malory Towers, 1946.
The Second Form at Malory Towers, 1947.
Third Year at Malory Towers, 1948.
The Upper Fourth at Malory Towers, 1949.
In the Fifth at Malory Towers, 1950.
Last Term at Malory Towers, 1951.

Angela Brazil

(published by Blackie & Son, London)

The Fortunes of Philippa, 1906.
The Third Class at Miss Kay's, 1908.
The Nicest Girl in the School, 1909.
The Manor House School, 1910.
The New Girl at St Chad's, 1911.
A Fourth Form Friendship, 1911.
A Pair of Schoolgirls, 1912.
The Youngest Girl in the Fifth, 1913.
The Leader of the Lower School, 1913.
The School by the Sea, 1914.
The Girls of St Cyprians, 1914.
For the Sake of the School, 1915.
The Jolliest Term on Record, 1915.
The Luckiest Girl in the School, 1916.
The Madcap of the School, 1917.
A Patriotic Schoolgirl, 1918.
For the School Colours, 1918.
The Head Girl at the Gables, 1919.
A Harum-Scarum Schoolgirl, 1919.
Loyal to the School, 1920.
A Popular Schoolgirl, 1920.
The Princess of the School, 1920.
A Fortunate Term, 1921.
The School in the South, 1922.
Monitress Merle, 1922.
Schoolgirl Kitty, 1923.
Captain Peggy, 1924.
Joan's Best Chum, 1926.
Ruth of St Ronan's, 1927.
At School with Rachel, 1928.
St Catherine's College, 1929.
The Little Green School, 1931.
Nesta's New School, 1932.
Jean's Golden Term, 1934.
The School at the Turrets, 1935.
An Exciting Term, 1936.
Jill's Jolliest School, 1937.
The School on the Cliff, 1938.
The School on the Moor, 1939.
The New School at Scawdale, 1940.
Five Jolly Schoolgirls, 1941.
The Mystery of the Moated Grange, 1942.
The Secret of the Border Castle, 1943.
The School in the Forest, 1944.
Three Terms at Uplands, 1945.
The School on the Loch, 1946.

Elinor Brent-Dyer

La Rochelle series
(published by W. & R. Chambers, Edinburgh)

Gerry Goes to School, 1922.
A Head Girl's Difficulties, 1923.
The Maids of La Rochelle, 1924.
Seven Scamps, 1927.
Heather Leaves School, 1929.
Janie of La Rochelle, 1932.
Janie Steps In, 1953.

Chalet School series
(published by W. & R. Chambers, Edinburgh)

The School at the Chalet, 1925.
Jo of the Chalet School, 1926.
The Princess of the Chalet School, 1927.
The Head Girl of the Chalet School, 1928.
The Rivals of the Chalet School, 1929.
Eustacia Goes to the Chalet School, 1930.
The Chalet School and Jo, 1931.
The Chalet Girls in Camp, 1932.
The Exploits of the Chalet Girls, 1933.
The Chalet School and the Lintons, 1934.
The New House at the Chalet School, 1935.
Jo Returns to the Chalet School, 1936.
The New Chalet School, 1938.
The Chalet School in Exile, 1940.
The Chalet School Goes to It, 1941.
The Highland Twins at the Chalet School, 1942.
Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School, 1943.
Gay From China at the Chalet School, 1944.
Jo to the Rescue, 1945.
The Chalet Book for Girls, 1947.
The Second Chalet Book for Girls, 1948.
The Third Chalet Book for Girls, 1949.
The Chalet School and Rosalie, 1951.
Three Go to the Chalet School, 1949.
The Chalet School and the Island, 1950.
Peggy of the Chalet School, 1950.
Carola Storms the Chalet School, 1951.
The Wrong Chalet School, 1952.
Shocks for the Chalet School, 1952.
The Chalet School in the Oberland, 1952.
The Chalet Girls' Cook Book, 1953.
Bride Leads the Chalet School, 1953.
Changes for the Chalet School, 1953.
Joey Goes to the Oberland, 1954.
The Chalet School and Barbara, 1954.
The Chalet School Does It Again, 1955.
A Chalet Girl from Kenya, 1955.
Tom Tackles the Chalet School, 1955.
Mary-Lou of the Chalet School, 1956.
A Genius at the Chalet School, 1956.
A Problem for the Chalet School, 1956.
The New Mistress at the Chalet School, 1957.
Excitements at the Chalet School, 1957.
The Coming of Age of the Chalet School, 1958.
The Chalet School and Richenda, 1958.
Trials for the Chalet School, 1959.
Theodora and the Chalet School, 1959.
Joey and Co. in Tirol, 1960.
Ruey Richardson Chaletian, 1960.
A Leader in the Chalet School, 1961.
The Chalet School Wins the Trick, 1961.
A Future Chalet School Girl, 1962.
The Feud in the Chalet School, 1962.
The Chalet School Triplets, 1963.
The Chalet School Reunion, 1963.
Jane and the Chalet School, 1964.
Redheads at the Chalet School, 1964.
Adrienne and the Chalet School, 1965.
Summer Term at the Chalet School, 1965.
Challenge for the Chalet School, 1966.
Two Sams at the Chalet School, 1967.
Althea Joins the Chalet School, 1969.
Prefects of the Chalet School, 1970.

Janeways books

A Thrilling Term at Janeways, Thomas Nelson, 1927.
Caroline the Second, Girls' Own Paper, 1937.


The New House Mistress, Thomas Nelson, 1928.
The School by the River, Burns, Oates & Washbourne, 1930.
The Feud in the Fifth Remove, Girls' Own Paper, 1931.
Carnation of the Upper Fourth, Girls' Own Paper, 1934.
Monica Turns Up Trumps, Girls' Own Paper, 1936.
Beechy of the Harbour School, Oliphants, 1955.
Leader in Spite of Herself, Oliphants, 1956.

Dorita Fairlie Bruce

Dimsie series
(published by Oxford University Press)

The Senior Prefect [later renamed Dimsie Goes to School], 1920.
Dimsie Moves Up, 1921.
Dimsie Moves Up Again, 1922.
Dimsie Among the Prefects, 1923.
Dimsie Grows Up, 1924.
Dimsie, Head Girl, 1925.
Dimsie Goes Back, 1927.
Dimsie Intervenes, 1937.
Dimsie Carries On, 1941.

St Bride's and Maudsley series
(published by Oxford University Press)

The Girls of St Bride's, 1923.
That Boarding School Girl, 1925.
The New Girl and Nancy, 1926.
Nancy to the Rescue, 1927.
The Best Bat in the School, 1931.
Nancy at St Bride's, 1933.
Nancy in the Sixth, 1935.
Nancy Returns to St Bride's, 1938.
Nancy Calls the Tune, 1944.

Springdale series
(published by Oxford University Press)

The New House Captain, 1928.
The Best House in the School, 1931.
Captain of Springdale, 1932.
The New House at Springdale, 1934.
Prefects at Springdale, 1938.
Captain Anne, 1939.

Toby series
(published by Oxford University Press)

The School on the Moor, 1931.
The School in the Woods, 1940.
Toby at Tibbs Cross, 1942.

Sally series
(published by Blackie & Son, London)

Sally Scatterbrain, 1956.
Sally Again, 1959.
Sally's Summer Term, 1961.

Elsie J. Oxenham

Abbey Girls series

The Girls of the Hamlet Club, Chambers, 1914.
The Abbey Girls, Collins, 1920.
The Girls of the Abbey School, Collins, 1921.
The Abbey Girls Go Back to School, Collins, 1922.
The New Abbey Girls, Collins, 1923.
The Abbey Girls Again, Collins, 1924.
The Abbey Girls in Town, Collins, 1925.
Queen of the Abbey Girls, Collins, 1926.
Jen of the Abbey School, Collins, 1927.
The Abbey Girls Win Through, Collins, 1928.
The Abbey Girls at Home, Collins, 1929.
The Abbey Girls Play Up, Collins, 1930.
The Abbey Girls on Trial, Collins, 1931.
Biddy's Secret, Chambers, 1932.
Rosamund's Victory, Harrap, 1933.
Maidlin to the Rescue, Chambers, 1934.
Joy's New Adventure, Chambers, 1935.
Rosamund's Tuck-Shop, Religious Tract Society, 1937.
Maidlin Bears the Torch, Religious Tract Society, 1937.
Rosamund's Castle, Religious Tract Society, 1938.
Schooldays at the Abbey, Collins, 1938.
Secrets of the Abbey, Collins, 1939.
Stowaways in the Abbey, Collins, 1940.
Jandy Mac Comes Back, Collins, 1941.
Maid of the Abbey, Collins, 1943.
Two Joans at the Abbey, Collins, 1945.
An Abbey Champion, Muller, 1946.
Robins in the Abbey, Collins, 147.
A Fiddler for the Abbey, Muller, 1948.
Guardians of the Abbey, Muller, 1950.
Schoolgirl Jen in the Abbey, Collins, 1950.
Strangers at the Abbey, Collins, 1951.
Rachel in the Abbey, Muller, 1952.
Selma at the Abbey, Collins, 1952.
A Dancer from the Abbey, Collins, 1953.
The Song of the Abbey, Collins, 1954.
Tomboys at the Abbey, Collins, 1957.
Two Queens at the Abbey, Collins, 1959.

Rocklands series

A Go-Ahead Schoolgirl, Chambers, 1919.
'Tickles' or The School that was Different, Partridge, 1924.
The Girls of Rocklands School, Collins, 1929.
The Second Term at Rocklands, Collins, 1930.
The Third Term at Rocklands, Collins, 1931.

Sussex Downs books

The School of Ups and Downs, Chambers, 1918.
Patience Joan, Outsider, Cassell, 1923.

Gregory's series

The Junior Captain, Chambers, 1923.
The School Without a Name, Chambers, 1924.
Peggy Makes Good!, Partridge, 1927.
Ven at Gregory's, Chambers, 1925.

St Mary's series

The Two Form-Captains, Chambers, 1921
The Captain of the Fifth, Chambers, 1922.
The Troubles of Tazy, Chambers, 1926.
Patience and Her Problems, Chambers, 1927.
The Camp Mystery, Collins, 1932.

Torment series

The School Torment, Chambers, 1921.
The Testing of the Torment, Cassell, 1925.
The Camp Fire Torment, Chambers, 1926.

Jinty series

The Tuck-Shop Girl, Chambers, 1916.
The Reformation of Jinty, Chambers, 1933.
Jinty's Patrol, Newnes, 1934.

Deb books

Deb at School, Chambers, 1929.
Deb of Sea House, Chambers, 1931.

Camp Keema books

The Crisis in Camp Keema, Chambers, 1928.
Peggy and the Brotherhood, Religious Tract Society, 1936.


Rosaly's New School, Chambers, 1913.
Schoolgirls and Scouts, Collins, 1914.
At School with the Roundheads, Chambers, 1915.
A School Camp Fire, Chambers, 1917.
Expelled from School, Collins, 1919.
Damaris at Dorothy's, Sheldon Press, 1937.
New Girls at Wood End,
Blackie & Son, 1957.

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