QuALitY of Life

How much is my life worth and how can I tell?
There’s a formula that I know only too well
My life is costed by ‘symptoms’ you see
Not the value it has to you or to me.

You can’t fetch top price if you roll round on wheels
Even a businessman making big deals
There’s a further discount if you can’t hold your wee
Even if you are an active MP
If you can’t see too far, or simply can’t hear
Your life is not considered so dear
There’s more off if you need support from another
Even if you are a competent mother
And pain is considered a definite no
Whether or not people with pain say so.

The Government costs you before they will give
The NHS treatments that you need to live
Your life must be ‘perfect’ to gain a full ‘Qaly’
Before you are even put onto a trolley.
If you can’t leave your house then your value is cheap
The state won’t spend much money for your life to keep
And maybe that’s one reason more people die
Of Covid 19 in the UK, and I
am afraid of the verdict if I become ill
Before I sleep I have miles to go still.

We may be a good parent, a partner or neighbour
Whoever we are we’re all more than our labour
Yet whoever we are our lives are still judged
On our cold market value not how much we’re loved.

These slavery values must come to an end
What kind of price can you put on a friend?
Your brother, your grandma, your child and your wife
How can a price be placed on their life?

The values that matter are those we all share
How much we give and how much we care
It’s time to abandon the cheque book approach
Love is the QuALitY that matters the most.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90

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