A good introduction to postmodernism can be found in Neville Wakefield's Postmodernism: the twilight of the real, Pluto Press, London, 1990. A useful discussion of postmodernism in relation to feminist theory can be found in Judith Evan's Feminist Theory Today: An Introduction to Second-Wave Feminism, Sage, London, 1995, pp108-124.

In fact, there is a great deal in common between disabilism and reactions to postmodernism. As Gilman points out: "The anxiety about multiple, simultaneous readings with their potential to reveal the absence of any permanence is but a reflection of our inherent anxiety about the transience of the control over ourselves and our world." (Gilman, Sander L., Health and Illness: Images of Difference, Reaktion Books, London, 1995, p176)

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