For example, in The Chalet School and the Lintons (Chambers, 1934): "the Lower Fifth took their turn in the Domestic Economy class. This was the fourth since the beginning of term, and they were especially thrilled about it, for they were to start cooking today." (p9) Brent-Dyer then describes in detail how the Lower Fifth are taught to make an apple pie by Frau Meiders, the new teacher. Before they "fit on their crust", the girls ask if they can flavour the pies with cloves as they do in England, and Cornelia Flower is sent to get some from the store cupboard. Later, when the pies are served for Mittagessen, the girls complain that the pies smell of onions.

(Fortunately for the Gosling family, it never occurred to my mother to serve anything which I had cooked at our dinner table.)

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