Bishnu Priya

Bishnu Priya (Bishi)

Bishi (aka DJ Siren) is a 19 year old singer, DJ and musician. British born to a Bengali musical family, Bishi started singing when she was two years old during a car journey to Sheffield.

Her mother, a famous Indian Classical/ Traditional singer immediately enrolled her in a musical education. Trained in both Eastern and Western classical music, Bishi started piano and harmonium studies aged six and went on to learn guitar, bass & sitar in her teens.

A bit of an outcast at school because of her ‘unique’ dress sense, Bishi would escape into London’s galleries, concert halls, and nightclubs. At the age of 13 she met Matthew Glamorre and Richard Torry at a Minty concert, and they became instant friends. Initially Bishi began singing with them in The Sound Storm, an improvised music and showbiz frenzy that delighted club goers in 1999.

The Siren Suite started when Matthew had a look through Bishi's ‘secret’ record collection. Her passion for ancient music & contemporary composition, mixed with experimental electronic works forms the basis of the club's play list.

As a DJ Bishi sees what The Siren Suite do as the next logical step in turntablism, moving from dance culture to a more sculptural form. She also looks so fantastic, in traditional Sari, spinning classical music, that she has won herself many fans!

The Siren Suite’s ‘ house’ composer Neil Kaczor has written Bishi ‘The Songs Of Mirabai’ which she performs in concert.

Bishi also DJs and records with Kash Point, and has her first solo ‘pop’ single coming out shortly. She loves to work with different producers, writers and performers…

“ The way I learn is to watch, listen then practice, whether with an orchestra, my Sitar Guru or UK Garage producers. It’s all about music, it’s all about joy…”

Bishi will finish writing and recording her first album over the autumn before she leaves for intensive Sitar instruction in Delhi with Gaurav Mazumbar, head student of Ravi Shankar.

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