Drawing of a magnifying glass with a lavender-coloured handle over the text Vis-a-Visibility

Video still of cast taking a bow, holding Regard placardsThis is the Home Page for Vis-a-Visibility, a community theatre production led by Clare Summerskill about the lives of LGBT disabled people. Vis-a-Visibility is presented jointly by Regard, the national LGBT disabled people's organisation, and ARTEMIS Theatre Company.

Vis-a-Visibility was premiered at 3 & 7pm on Sunday 10 June 2012 at People Show Studios in East London. We are now seeking funding for a filmed version, which we hope to produce in 2013.

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For media and other enquiries email info@visavisibility.org.uk

Image of an elongated rainbow flag with a wheelchair user symbol at the left-hand end Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Lottery funded.