It is worth comparing the content of The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse with Elsie Oxenham's Abbey series, created in the first half of the century, which Rosemary Auchmuty described as revealing "a very conscious love for women" in "You're a Dyke, Angela!" (in Not a Passing Phase: Reclaiming Lesbians in History 1840-1985, The Women's Press, London, p140). For the first quarter of the century this content passed without comment, but "after 1928 [when the successful prosecution of Radclyffe Hall's novel The Well of Loneliness took place] became abnormal and unhealthy, representing a level of intimacy which was too threatening to be allowed to continue". In Oxenham's work, any lesbian (as opposed to woman-loving) content was unconscious and implicit, but in Maney's novel it is both conscious and explicit.

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