Photograph of Matthew Glamorre

Matthew Glamorre

At the age of four Matthew Glamorre showed a natural aptitude for music when he sat at a piano and ‘just began to play’. He was then sentenced to eight years ‘hard labour’ of practice and performance.

He found a strict education stifling and began to show signs of delinquency. This exploded to the surface during a wedding in a Cathedral. Instead of the Bach Cantata he was scheduled to play, Matthew, an organ student, played the theme from Star Wars on full ranks! “That was the first performance I truly enjoyed!”

The resulting uproar lead him to dye his hair pink, pierce his ears, nose and face and run away, aged 13, to London where he spent… “Many intoxicating years destroying my former disciplines.”

Matthew's flamboyant style flourished in London’s underground world of clubs, music, art and fashion. He started his first night club aged 16 and is now known as “…one of British Nightlife’s most significant (and persistent) innovators.”

From 80’s Freak Chic to Acid House - from Indie Pop to Industrial Noisecore - Matthew’s clubs are more installation art than disco. “A nightclub should challenge current ideas and aesthetics, break new boundaries and create new modes: it should be a beacon to the brilliantly dispossessed.”

Also an award winning film maker, video director and performance artist, Matthew enjoys pushing the boundaries of New Media. “The technology now exists to bring many different disciplines together as one - I no longer feel fragmented.”

Matthew has worked with Richard Torry for 10 years through various bands, clubs and performance projects. He met Bishi six years ago whereupon they started working together ‘almost immediately’.

For The Siren Suite Matthew MCs, adds special effects and provides the main mix between the many sound sources.

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