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Cast and Crew

Writer & Director: Clare Summerskill

Associate Producer & Multimedia: Ju Gosling aka ju90

Costumes & Props: Lucy Bradridge

Technical support: Rod Henderson

Company members: Paula Connolly, Kirsten Hearn, Simon Kent, Tony Malone, Julie Newman, Jo Panter, Lindsay River, Margaret Spence, Robin Brook, Alex Chung, Rosie Foster.

Digital painting of rehearsal sceneAdditional workshop participants: Etna Houldsworth, Martin McLean, Joanna Rowland-Stuart.

Assistants: Susan Harrison, Sean Key, Michael Ward, Drew Walters.

BSL interpretation: Zane Hema, Joanna McCaul, Paul Michaels.

Camera: Wasp.

Workshop facilities: Vicarage Lane Community Centre, Stratford, London E15.

Rehearsal facilities: People Show Studios, Bethnal Green, London E2.

Thanks to: Arts Council England, Emily Chew, David Duchin, Julie McNamara, Platinum Trust, Kim Stevens.

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Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Lottery funded.
Digital painting of rehearsal: Tony Malone