This is a digital text-based image. Against a white background, ten horizontal lines of capital letters are grouped in threes, with a space that is approximately the width of a letter between each group. The letters are coloured variously in cyan blue, magenta, yellow and black, and are printed in a plain, 'sans serif' type face. Initially the letters are meaningless, hard to look at and appear to be random, but on close examination they are seen to read: “Sex female hair brown eyes green skin olive height 170 centimetres feet size six build slim sexual orientation lesbian IQ 155 musical creative communicator GSOH sweet tooth loves animals enjoys watersports hates injustices scared of heights kyphoscolitic oblique astigmatic myopic osteopaenic abnormal.”

40” by 23” Lambda print on aluminium mount
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© Ju Gosling aka ju90 2007

Funded by the
wellcome trust

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