Peter Cookson and Roger Hooper
Peter Cookson and Roger Hooper install the exhibition at NIMR

As always, this project could not have existed without the help and support of a large number of people. In particular, many thanks go to:

Evelien Gevers and Malcolm Logan (NIMR) for their commitment, generosity, help and support in developing and undertaking this project.

Simon Gould, for his support in developing this project and securing funding for it.

Meroe Candy at the Wellcome Trust for her helpful explanations about the funding process and her ongoing support for the project, and the Wellcome Trust for funding it.

My PAs, Lee Elliott and Ashley Spence, for their invaluable access support.

Julie Newman, for her help with documentation and transport as well as her ongoing support and enthusiasm for the project.

Nicola Triscott from The Arts Catalyst for introducing me to the Art/Science community, and later for her help in evaluating the project.

Everyone in Room 147 (NIMR) who let me photograph them at work despite the amount of space I occupied in what is already a crowded lab.

Joe Brock (NIMR) for curating the exhibition so well.

Peter Cookson & Roger Hooper (NIMR) for installing the exhibition.

Christina McGuire (NIMR) for her help in maximising the website's usability.

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd for donating the micro-tubes that are used in the exhibition, and in particular Anna Tucker and Debbie Hunt for organising this.

Everyone else at the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) who has helped in any way, particularly those who took the time to explain their work to me and those who participated in the open discussion about how medical research scientists view disability.

All of the people who helped with the exhibition as it continued on a national tour, ending at the Royal College of Surgeons' Hunterian Museum from 13 September 2011 - 14 January 2012.

© Ju Gosling aka ju90 2008-2011

Funded by the
wellcome trust

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