The Exhibition

The Abnormal exhibition was developed from the residency at the National Institute of Medical Research, but also includes work created before and after my time there

Head and shoulders portrait of Ju Gosling in front of a montage of colourful photographs (Room 147)
Photo: Julie Newman

Click here to view Abnormal 1

Click here to view Abnormal 2

Click here to view Abnormal 3

Click here to view Out of the Flesh

Click here to view Design4Life

Click here to view Room 147

Click here to view Shai

Click here to view Raison d'Etre

Click here to view Men in White Coats

Click here to view Wheels on Fire 1 - 6

Click here to view Helping the Handicapped

Click here to view Abnormally Arty

Click here to view Please do not touch the artwork

Click here to view the Memory Jar Collection

Click here to read the text panels that accompanied the exhibition (containing quotes from Towards a Scientific Model of Disability)

When you reach each image, you can follow a further link to read the artist's comments on the work and the process behind it. NB: Extended descriptions of images are also available for users of text-to-speech software; these are best read in conjunction with the artist's comments.

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