This is a digital text-based semi-abstract image. Against a white background, the outline of a bone appears as if cut out from red paper. The centre of the bone is composed of three horizontal red lines, with a fourth red line running diagonally from the left-hand corner of the bottom line to the right-hand corner of the top line, with all four lines bisected in the middle by a white vertical line. Each end of the bone is composed of two red and white circles. On close examination, it can be seen that the first circle is made up of the letters B and R, and the second circle E and D. The R and E connect to each other, with the B and D floating freely. All of the letters are in red against a white background, and the bottom of the letters is on the outside edge of each side of the bone. It can also be seen that the right side of the image is the same as the left side of the image, but turned upside down.

40” by 18” Lambda print on aluminium mount
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