This is a digital photographic montage of around 33 different images of laboratory activities. All of the images have been manipulated so that they are highly coloured, and look more like screen prints than traditional photographs.
In some images close-ups show scientists' hands at work - a hand holds out a tray of samples; an egg is injected through a tiny tube; samples are put into micro-tubes or cut up under microscopes; liquids are put into jars. Other images show close-ups of scientists' faces as they look down microscopes or into computer screens. The majority of the images, though, simply show close-ups of the laboratory environment - boxes, test tubes and plastic bottles lining shelves or sitting on benches; scissors and tape hanging up; wires coming out of dishes; eggs sitting on the top of a fridge; a football sitting on top of chemistry text books; and the general clutter that all of this makes.
ROOM 147

2m by 1m Lambda print on foamex mount

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© Ju Gosling aka ju90 2008

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