The Scientific Model of Disability is NOT scientific, nor does it reflect the views of scientists (although as members of society, scientists are inevitably influenced by it too). But it does affect how scientists have to present their work for funders, as well as creating unrealistic expectations of scientists by the state, society and business.

In addition, as a result of the Scientific Model of Disability:

Either we view scientists as being selfless, dedicated to improving the well-being of us all as they develop life-changing, life-enhancing and life-extending cures, rather than as being motivated by intellectual curiosity and/or economic imperative and/or greed like the rest of us.

Or we view scientists as being demented and power-crazed, using their talents to endanger us all by attempting successfully to play God. Scientists therefore need to be rigorously controlled because they are unable to resist their own desire for power and control themselves.

The Scientific Model of Disability, then, is extremely unhelpful to scientists, placing unnecessary pressures on them and hampering them in their work.

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