Wheels on Fire 1-6

These are 'Digital C’ prints of visuals that were originally created as projections. These were produced to accompany Wheels on Fire, a performance commissioned by the Science Museum and Apples and Snakes. Wheels on Fire was initially performed at the Science Museum on 21 March 2003 and at Battersea Arts Centre on 28 March 2003 as part of Faltered States*. Later it was perfomed as a solo show at the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee in Zurich in January 2004; in Wels, Austria in September 2004; in Birmingham in November 2004; and in Coventry as part of Body States in June 2005.

*Faltered States was a collaboration between the Science Museum and Apples and Snakes which formed part of the Naked Science series. Faltered States aimed to produce unique works of art and poetry that explored our society's perception of normality. The Science Museum gave four artists — ju90, Mat Fraser, Patience Agbabi and Rachel Pantechnicon — unprecedented access to its stores, in order to produce work in response to objects in its collections. The wheelchairs pictured are part of the Wellcome Collection, stored at Wroughton.

A script, photographs and a video of Wheels on Fire at Battersea Arts Centre are available on www.ju90.co.uk

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