Cover of To All Appearance, DeadTo All Appearance, Dead

Liz Filleul
1 October 2007, 252pp, ISBN 978 0 9552973 5 9
£14.99 (includes p&p in the UK)

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When collectors' magazine editor Sally Meredith arrives in England from Australia, she anticipates a quiet time catching up with old friends and writing an article about a weekend conference on girls' school stories. However, she is soon caught up in a murder mystery that goes to the very heart of the collecting network. Nothing about the school story world remains unchanged by the end of Sally's visit, including Sally herself. A must for everyone who has ever wondered just how far they would go to possess that very rare title!

About the author:

Liz Filleul was born in the English Midlands, educated on the Welsh coast, and spent several years working as a London-based journalist before setting off on a solo trip around the world. A holiday romance in Tasmania led to marriage and migration to Melbourne in 1995. Liz now lives with her husband and their young son on top of an Australian mountain, where she juggles motherhood with freelance editing and writing.

Colour photograph of Liz Filleul, reading Antonia Forest's End of TermLiz's first published fiction appeared in the 1980s, when she sold a number of stories to the British teenage girls' magazine Patches. After that, fiction took a back seat while she concentrated first on her journalistic career and later on settling into her new life in Australia. She began writing seriously again in 2000, and won the Scarlet Stiletto Award for best short crime story by an Australian woman in 2004, after previously being short-listed twice. To All Appearance, Dead is her first novel.

In her spare time Liz collects girls' school stories and other children's books, reads crime fiction, enjoys bushwalking and travelling, and follows football, cricket and Australian Rules football. She also spends far too many hours in cyberspace, where she is known as lizarfau.

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