Cover of Visitors for the Chalet SchoolVisitors for the Chalet School

Helen McClelland, with illustrations by Anne Thompson
1995, 256pp, ISBN 978 09524680 1 1
£14.99 (includes p&p in the UK)

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Elinor M. Brent-Dyer never completed her account of the term following The Princess of the Chalet School (Chambers, 1927). Fortunately, however, she did leave some notes outlining the story, and using these and other clues, her biographer Helen McClelland has been able to reconstruct a fascinating account of that early Christmas term. Illustrated by Anne Thompson, Visitors for the Chalet School is a long-awaited treat for Chalet School fans of all ages.

"As well as wonderfully true in atmosphere and characterisation to Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's originals, Visitors for the Chalet School is an immensely enjoyable story in its own right. Helen McClelland and Bettany Press are to be congratulated for providing us with this missing link in the ever-lambent Chalet School saga."
- Mary Cadogan

"This is a piece of skilled craftmanship. Although in some ways rather better written than the originals, it has all the hallmarks of one. It really is superb and I am overcome with admiration (I started reading it prepared to be critical)."
- Sheila Ray

Photograph of Helen McClelland"There's a featured girl, Patricia Davidson, who hopes that Joey will help her realise her dreams of becoming a doctor, and all the usual obsessions with the weather and gorging ('delicious spicy soup . . . Blaubeeren Torte with whipped cream and finally plates of Viennese honey and nut biscuits'). McClelland has a wonderful knack for period detail, coming up with Elinor-esque party games, songs, slang."
- Robin Blake, Independent on Sunday

Photograph: Helen McClelland

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