Virtual Worlds of Girls/The Chalet School Revisited: The Movie

Ju Gosling
Set comprising The Chalet School Revisited - The Movie, 60 mins, DVD (PAL) and the Virtual Worlds of Girls website on CD Rom (Mac and PC compatible)
£9.99 (includes p&p in the UK)

The Chalet School Revisited was filmed during Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's birth centenary celebrations in 1994, and includes footage of the celebrations organised by Chalet fans in the UK, Guernsey and Austria; together with the story of Brent-Dyer's life narrated by Helen McClelland; excerpts from the books read by actress Kate O'Mara; and rare dustwrappers and illustrations from the Chalet School and La Rochelle series. You can find out more about the making of the film and read a script within the Virtual Worlds of Girls website.

Bettany Press customers on The Chalet School Revisited:

"I have enjoyed it very much indeed and it really brought the Chalet School alive. It is lovely to have and will always be a joy to look at."

"Excellent: professionally done and very interesting; especially for someone like me, who did not attend the centenary events and has never seen any of the locations from the books."

About Virtual Worlds of Girls:

In the early days of the Web, Ju Gosling was the first PhD candidate to produce her thesis online as a three-dimensional hypertext, Virtual Worlds of Girls. In this CD version you can find out more aboutThe History of Girls' School Stories; The World of the Chalet School; The Critics of Girls' School Stories; The Parodies of Girls' School Stories; The Fans of Girls' School Stories and The Significance of Girls' School Stories, as well as Ju Gosling's own schooldays. A prototype for the electronic research
textbook of the future, Virtual Worlds of Girls also explores the future of reading in an electronic age, &
documents the research behind the site.

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