Cover of Time and AgainTime and Again

Margaret Moncrieff (Helen McClelland)
September 2001, 188pp, 978 09524680 5 9
£9.99 (includes p&p in the UK)

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The name Helen McClelland is familiar to fans of schoolgirl literature worldwide. But the author is equally well-known in the musical world as the cellist Margaret Moncrieff, and the setting for her latest novel, Time and Again, is a music school in Scotland. Here, mysterious happenings and a rather unusual kind of time slip show a new approach to the traditional school story.

"Time and Again is a touching and not-to-be-missed novel in which the potent ingredients of elusive memories, great music and a 'haunted' old turret room link young people from very different societies and periods. The deftly handled time shifts satisfyingly convey the atmosphere of both the late 1930s and the present day."
- Mary Cadogan

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