The cover of Susan and FriendsSusan and Friends: The Jane Shaw Companion

Alison Lindsay (editor)
March 2002, 352pp, ISBN 0 9524680 6 9
£14.99 (includes p&p in the UK)

Or £6.90 (inc VAT)/ $9.99 US plus sales tax as an ebook for the Kindle - click here to buy directly via Amazon

List of Contents:

Jane Shaw: Her Life and Work

I: Jane Shaw: One of the Great 20th-Century Writers for Girls Rosemary Auchmuty
II: A Glasgow Girl: The Life of Jane Shaw Alison J. Lindsay
III: Builders of Books: A Career in Publishing Jean B. S. Patrick [Jane Shaw]
IV: Dedications and Connections: Glimpses into the Personal Context of Jane Shaw’s Books Ian M. Evans
V: Fifi and the Fish: Susan in Sweden Eva Löfgren

Susan in Short by Jane Shaw

VI: Susan’s School Play
VII: Susan and the Home-Made Bomb
VIII: The Wilsons Won’t Mind
IX: Susan and the Spae Wife
X: Susan in Trouble

Jane Shaw’s Scotland

XI: Starting from Glasgow: Jane Shaw’s Scotland Alison J. Lindsay
XII: Amanda’s Spies Jane Shaw
XIII: Crooks Limited Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw’s England

XIV: The South Country: Jane Shaw’s England Alison J. Lindsay
XV: Family Trouble Jane Shaw
XVI: Jumble Sale Jane Shaw
XVII: A Girl with Ideas Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw’s France

XVIII: Sands Across the Sea: Jane Shaw’s France Alison J. Lindsay
XIX: Sara’s Adventure Jane Shaw
XX: The Picture Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw’s Alps

XXI: Adventures in the Alps: Jane Shaw’s Austria, Switzerland and Italy Beverley Garmston

Jane Shaw’s South Africa

XXII: With Jane Shaw in South Africa Polly Whibley
XXIII: The Matchmakers Jane Shaw

XXIV: A Jane Shaw Bibliography Alison J. Lindsay

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