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Long shot of exhibition at Oriel 31adorn, equip examines issues around the design of equipment and accessories used by disabled people. Consultation between artists, makers, designers and disabled people has inspired the production of beautiful, functional objects and thought provoking work.

Disability equipment is usually designed with cost and function as priorities, leaving little room for consideration of how these objects look. adorn, equip is part of a movement to reverse this trend. The equipment and accessories in adorn, equip are designed to meet both the needs and the desires of the disabled people that use them.

adorn, equip also aims to highlight existing good practice. For this reason we have included exhibits from students of the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, a centre for inclusive design, based at the Royal College of Art.

adorn, equip covers many areas of everyday life. There are six categories of exhibits. These are:

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Domestic Ware

Fashion and Clothing


Mobility Aids

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Ruth Pejcic with Diana Addison and Mark Hammond: Signs (Commissioned for Adorn, Equip by and permanently installed at Rugby Art Gallery, Museum and Library.)

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