adorn, equip artists' talks

Tuesday 19 March 6pm at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum
Tour of Adorn, Equip with artist Ju Gosling.
Free event
Join Ju Gosling to discover more about the unique exhibition Adorn, Equip. Ju has been involved with the project for many years. Her exhibition piece, Fight, is an installation made and shown on DVD, and she designed the Adorn,Equip web site during a residency at Oriel 31 gallery.

Photo of Ju Gosling giving talkMaggie Hampton, Operational Manager of Arts Disability Wales: opening adorn, equip at Oriel 31 (November 2001)

Ju Gosling: Talkabout adorn, equip (The City Gallery, October and Oriel 31, November 2001)

Ju Gosling: Talkabout adorn, equip work-in-progress exhibition (The City Gallery, September 1999)

Illustration: Ju Gosling at Oriel 31. Photograph by Julie Newman

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This site was built by Ju Gosling aka ju90 during an artist's residency at Oriel 31 in November 2001