adorn, equip residencies

Photo of Andrew Logan working with school studentsOne aspect of the creative dialogue between disabled people and artists which has been integral to adorn, equip has been the artists' residencies.

In Leicester, the City Gallery commissioned Nicola Lane to work with a small group of disabled people from the East Midlands region to produce a challenging and thought-provoking artwork exploring the issues involved in the aesthetics, production and use of disability equipment. Nicola worked with the group for six weeks, beginning in April and ending in May 2001, with three months for preparation and consolidation of the final exhibition piece.

The artwork was intended to be both a non-functional, issue-based exhibit for inclusion in the adorn, equip exhibition, and a vehicle for expressing the varying points of view generated by the interaction between the artist and group of disabled people. The range of ideas explored by this collaborative piece is also intended to broaden the debate surrounding disability equipment and technological support in relation to body-politics and pluralities of social identity.

The residency was made possible with financial support from East Midlands Arts through the Year of the Artist programme. View the resulting artwork and read more about the residency.

In Wales, Oriel 31 commissioned Ju Gosling, Andrew Logan and Ticky Lowe to work in the gallery alongside the exhibition during November 2001. Ju Gosling created this online version of the adorn, equip exhibition, as well as running workshops and giving a talk; Andrew Logan worked with school and college students to produce a jewelled figure; and Ticky Lowe produced further sculptures and working with disabled school students.

In the Midlands, students from Hereward College in Coventry produced an exhibition of students' work on the theme of The Wheelchair: Fit, Form and Desire, during a residency by Ju Gosling. This exhibition was shown alongside the main exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.

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This site was built by Ju Gosling aka ju90 during an artist's residency at Oriel 31 in November 2001

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